Common Questions!

How long does the toothbrush last?

Bambiibrush lasts as long as any other toothbrush, however for dental hygiene dentists recommend you change your brush every three months.

What are the bristles made from?

There is no such thing as a biodegradable bristle so this is the best possible thing on the market without being unethical and using pig hair! These charcoal charged bristles are made from Nylon 4, so simply remove them with pliers or snap off the brush head are recycle it. The handle can go into the garden, or into the compost.

Why do you sell it inside a case?

We sell it with the case for two reasons.

#1 Did you know that fecal bacteria from the toilet floats around in the bathroom, and if you toothbrush is exposed...... you know the rest. The Bambiibrush case protects Bambiibrush in the bathroom from all of this nasty bacteria.

#2 The case is absolutely perfect for travelling with, whether you are just camping or on international travel, you can put it into your carry-on luggage and brush on the plane without using the plastic disposable ones. The case is 100% bamboo, durable and aesthetic!

When designing Bambiibrush we wanted to make
the most stylish toothbrush the world has ever seen.
Aesthetically designed.
Architecturally perfected.
Crafted for comfort.

Nothing was left to chance.


The texture and strength of Bambii’s bristles have been developed to make brushing a pleasurable experience; It is soft around the gums, yet firm enough for those hard to reach places. As the third little bear would say, they’re just right.

Uniquely designed & carved, we have created this handle for pure comfort of grip. Made from 100% biodegradable bamboo, your carbon footprint is reduced just by owning a Bambiibrush. We have a uniquely designed this brush to look nice on your basin and on your travels, so you can flaunt it with pride.

Bambii’s activated charcoal bristles work to absorb tannins that bind to your teeth and cause staining, the contaminants that age and darken your teeth are removed. Regular brushing with Bambiibrush creates a white and bright smile, through the most natural method. No bleaching or cosmetic dentist trips required in this lifetime.

Here’s some pure science for you! Charcoal has a naturally porous formation, when brushed with, it finds and binds to bacteria at a microscopic level. The charcoal absorbs bacteria and debris to ACTUALLY clean the teeth and gums. Bye bye plaque.

Stop using plastic toothbrushes.

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