Bambiibrush Eco Club.

Where unrivalled style and convenience meet sustainability.

Direct to your door for less than $1 per week.

How does it work? It's Easy.

1. Pick your colour preference (biodegradable paint of course) and we'll send you your first Bambiibrush to get a taste of the club.

2. Three months later you'll receive a fresh brush - just in time as dentists recommend (no shaggy bristles).

3. You're in control. Never have to worry about your toothbrush again. Any time you wish, add or remove products to your next cycle. We told you it was easy.

+ take pride knowing that you're reducing your plastic footprint and indirectly donating to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.. Nice one.

Mother Nature Approved.

Cancel Anytime

Less than $1 per week

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